Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Review - Business Plan: Building Brand Identity as an Independent Author by Jess C. Scott

When a large manufacturer brings a new product to market, you can bet that they have researched customer tendencies and market conditions and have mapped out every leg of the process. Starting out as an independent author is no different; at least it shouldn’t be if the author ever plans to make money from his or her art.

In her well written three-year business plan, Jess C. Scott gives an overview of the growth of independent publishing as well as outlining her reasons for choosing the indie path over traditional publishing. She analyzes her own book catalogue as well as the market segments she targets in her writing. Citing her own real-world examples, Scott outlines a low-cost plan for building awareness of her author brand and connecting with her audience. She also clearly defines her three year sales and financial goals.

Being a self-published author myself, I was very impressed by Ms. Scott’s plan. Her goals are realistic and her methods are easy to understand and utilize by anyone who wants to publish their own work. This book is an excellent example for independent authors of how to get started and succeed in making money with their craft.

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