Monday, August 2, 2010

The trinkets my characters own are pricey. Who knew?

Just for fun, I decided to look up pricing for the hand guns carried by the title character in my Werewolf Gunslinger short stories.

The Werewolf Gunslinger, Lily Farrell, carries two 1847 Walker Colt revolvers. The Walker has a reputation for being the largest and most powerful hand gun of its time. It was so large that most of them were relegated to a saddle holster. It was difficult for someone to shoot one of them. Holding and firing two of them at the same time was nigh impossible for a human being. Having a female werewolf carry two of these weapons is a visual I couldn't resist. 

I'd love to purchase two of these bad boys and put them in a display case along with the Werewolf Gunslinger anthology book when it is released next year. There is only one problem: Walker Colts run $100,000 to $200,000 a piece if you can find one.

My birthday is later this month, so if anybody wants to surprise me, here is a link to a Walker up for sale.

My vampire, Lucifera, from Lucifera's Pet, has a wakizashi crafted by Sengo Muramasa. She rarely uses the weapon, preferring to keep it as a conversation piece. Again, if you're looking for gift ideas, here is one that isn't exactly right, but it is pretty darn close. It's a steal at $3,995.

Yeah. $4 G's. I didn't forget to add a decimal. If it were an actual Muramasa, you'd have to multiply that price by 250, at least. 

I think I'll just stick to writing about characters who own this stuff.

What trinkets do fictional characters have that you would like to add to your real-life collection?


  1. My main character Matilda uses the British made Adams revolver. The Adams was a 50 calibre handgun that was very powerful and had a reputation for being better than the Colt (though the Colt was much more prevalent because it was cheaper).

    But those guns look cool.

    Just a reminder, you need to write your blog carnival post on Thursday. Thanks.

  2. the fictional characters i like have the Nemesis force weapon. It can take the form of a halberd, sword, mace, axe, or the more rare hammer. It is a powerful force weapon, housing a psi-matrix attuned to the unique psyche of its owner. i dont think they have those on ebay