Monday, September 26, 2011

Guest Post at The Vampire Review: Scoundrels Are Cool

Han shot first.

With that statement, I reveal myself as the nerd that I am. So be it. I am a geek who prefers to see a character with a dark side.

Scoundrels are cool.

Real people aren’t all sunshine and roses, even though they may pretend to be. Everyone has both good and bad in them. Make-believe people should be the same way.

Take vampires for example.
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Big thanks to Tami Jackson of The Vampire Review for having me over to her blog!  Check out Tami's debut title "Ravena & The Resurrected."

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  1. I like ur stuff. Speaking of weres and vamps;
    I'm lex;

    Why is it that we often judge a book by its cover? lol, fiction writing is an amazing topic, and so I just wanted to add my lil incident from this week at work.

    So this co-worker comes up to me and asks if I want to read her mom's new book that was just released in Aug. I give her a blank look, and am silently thinking in my head. Okay, if the book sucks, I'll be forced to say nice things about it for the duration of both our employment here. I'm still hesitant about it, and then she says it's free. I'll give you a free copy, and you can be like one of those reviewers, and just tell me honestly what you think.

    I'm still hesitant, because now I have the responsibility of actually reading it. Ugh! so I finally agree and she gives me the book; and all I can say, is OMG! Never judge a book by its cover. This was an amazing book, and the author weaved this lil lycan world, that the reader just had to be a part of.

    It’s a paranormal romance, yea I know peoples qualms about Twilight, but I swear its nothing like that. She took ancient myths of Sekhmet, Isis, and some lycan King named Mulkie ( never heard of him so I assumed she made him up) but its kewl cuz she worked all of that into the story. The main character is a descendant of Isis, and the main wolf is a 475 year old monk. You guys should really check it out. I swear I loved it, and now I can look her in the face and say it was awesome hahaha!

    It’s called Teaching Between Midnight and Dawn, by Alexandria Infante